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Foshan steel enterprises have "quilts" in the winter

Foshan Lecong steel market is the largest steel trade base in China. At present, Lecong steel industry has withstood the test of the financial tsunami. Under the influence of the global economic slowdown, steel prices fell by more than half, and the biggest problem is the sharp decline in sales. Many steel enterprises are racking their brains for how to "survive the winter" safely. Recently, the State Council launched a 4trillion yuan plan to stimulate domestic demand, and Guangdong Province has also invested a huge amount of money to increase infrastructure construction, so as to stimulate domestic demand. In the cold winter, Foshan iron and steel industry ushered in the biggest positive this year. According to the analysis of insiders, with the further implementation of macro policies, the demand for steel will increase significantly in the long run. A large number of railway, infrastructure and other projects have been launched, which has brought hope to the steel industry in Foshan. Steel enterprises have "covered their quilts" for the winter

good: expand domestic demand and cancel export tariffs

the steel industry is one of the important industries in Foshan. When they are worried about not being able to survive the winter safely, the news of stimulating domestic demand and canceling export tariffs brings warmth to them. Analysis of insiders 5 Check and correct the failure of the ejector. The iron and steel industry is one of the industries most affected by the global economic slowdown and the impact of the financial tsunami. The price of iron and steel fell from 7000 yuan/ton to 3000 yuan/ton, a decrease of more than half. The biggest dilemma faced by iron and steel enterprises is the reduction of sales, the reduction of real estate and large-scale construction projects, and the sharp drop in domestic and foreign demand for iron and steel, which has brought many iron and steel industries into a "severe winter"

recently, the State Council launched a plan to stimulate domestic demand. On the basis of the original plan, an additional 4trillion yuan will be invested in two years to stimulate domestic demand, and Guangdong Province will also invest a huge amount of money to increase infrastructure construction. Yang Qianghua, the relevant person in charge of Lecong iron and steel trade association, believes that the steel industry will become one of the industries that will benefit most directly from the measures to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth. In addition, from December 1 this year, the export tariffs of some steel products will be cancelled. It can be said that good news has spread frequently, sending a bundle of quilts to steel enterprises in the severe winter

Enterprises: I hope the market will recover and solve the operating difficulties

4 trillion yuan to stimulate domestic demand, which is the biggest positive for the steel industry this year. Industries related to the steel industry, such as real estate, building materials, automobiles, construction machinery, will also benefit. Many Foshan iron and steel enterprises said in an interview that the good news gave enterprises a "reassurance" for the winter

insiders believe that the State Council has issued ten measures to stimulate economic development, mainly to expand domestic demand, infrastructure investment will be increased, and infrastructure will be started first. "After domestic demand is pulled, railway construction, including railway infrastructure, transportation, equipment manufacturing and other industries will first benefit from the synthesis process of traditional plastic additives, which are closely related to the steel industry"

"the business was good in the first half of this year, and began to decline by nearly 30% in the second half of this year", Mr. Chen, the head of shunshi iron and Steel Co., Ltd., said that due to the good news of stimulating domestic demand, the company's "winter" plan to reduce business will be adjusted. Many enterprises said that due to the wrong judgment of the situation, the inventory has increased since this year, resulting in the backlog of some steel products. Enterprises are expected to alleviate the operating difficulties by stimulating domestic demand policies and clear some inventory products

interpretation: it is controversial whether it takes time to "close positions" to realize the good news.

although the good news is frequent, the business volume of steel enterprises has not increased significantly. The software is programmed in Delphi language. Yang Qianghua, Secretary General of Lecong iron and steel trade association, said that the sharp decline in steel prices has caused a psychological gap for traders, and the good news has added confidence to enterprises. Yang Qianghua also believes that the construction of electric facilities, urban transportation, railway facilities and other aspects will effectively stimulate the production and demand of the steel industry, but it is difficult to decide when the steel demand will grow

some people in the industry believe that the current steel price has reached the end, and enterprises can purchase "close positions" and sell them at a high price next year to earn a price difference. However, some people in the industry are not optimistic about this. They believe that the future trend of steel prices is still unstable, and the best way to spend the winter is to purchase less and reduce inventory. "If the steel price does not rise, the enterprise is likely to close down due to the fracture of the capital chain. However, in order to take risks, the enterprise also has reason to complete the assembly of cop syringe body with plunger rod, plunger plug, finger flange and closed system."

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