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In the off-season, steel enterprises in many parts of the country have raised steel prices one after another. According to the data of Yulin coal trading center, after Shougang raised the price of plates in January 2017 by yuan/ton on December 15, Baotou Steel also increased the price of plates in late December by yuan/ton on December 16, and increased the prices of deformed steel bars, high-speed wire rods and spiral rods by 600 yuan/ton in mid December. In addition, Fujian No.3 Steel Co., Ltd. raised the price of rebar by 80 yuan/ton, and wire rod and spiral rod by 110 yuan/ton

Bi Hongbing, an analyst of zhuochuang steel industry, said that the overall performance of steel prices this year was strong. The price of rebar, the main commodity, rose violently from 1700 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 3600 yuan/ton in mid December 4 and ten days of sample inlay, which has doubled. Despite a slight correction in steel prices in recent days, the overall year-on-year rise was still strong

according to another news, Handan Wu'an, an important place of origin of domestic medium-sized plate and wire rod, has issued a notice that the production of steel mills is limited by 50% from 0:00 on December 15 to 24:00 on December 22, and even some blast furnaces have been confirmed. The Leliu Office of the Bureau found stewing furnaces during the on-site inspection and Quarantine of two batches of imported electrical accessories

fan ruowei, an analyst at zhuochuang steel, said that after the policy upgrade, the output of finished steel will be compressed again, and the finished products may still rise in the later stage due to the influence of the supply side

jinlianchuang analysts also believe that although seasonal demand is weak, if it is used too frequently, multiple factors will drag down the steel price. However, with the aggravation of the haze in the region around Beijing and the surrounding Henan and Shandong regions. 1. Select the uncut rectangular sample: the uncut rectangular sample is a combination of the beginning and expansion of the tear. The traffic and production restrictions in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region are further upgraded. At present, the low-volume advantage of the circulation link resources in the overall steel spot market has not been destroyed, and the cost side is still supported. Short term market prices will remain high and volatile

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