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The senior investigation of the Export Import Bank of China Zoomlion

huxiaolian, chairman of the Export Import Bank of China, and his party visited the Lugu Industrial Park of Zoomlion to investigate the experimental machine industry. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, Zhang Jianguo, senior president, Shen Ke, Secretary of Zoomlion, and other leaders warmly received the visiting guests, and accompanied Hu Xiaolian and his delegation to visit the product exhibition terrace, the concrete pump truck assembly workshop and the construction machinery Museum

at the construction machinery Museum, chairman Zhan Chunxin introduced the company's development history, international market development, product export, etc. to Hu Xiaolian. Hu Xiaolian's government tried to establish two currency pools, the real estate market and the stock market, to lock in the excessive issuance of money. It affirmed the company's manufacturing capacity and export performance, and hoped that the company would firmly grasp the national strategic development policy, accelerate overseas business expansion, and realize industrial transformation and upgrading as soon as possible

in the subsequent discussion, chairman Zhan Chunxin introduced the development and future strategy of the company's key sectors in detail. Hu Xiaolian said that banks and enterprises are fish and water relations. Only when enterprises develop well, can banks be good. The Export Import Bank of China has a good cooperative relationship with Zoomlion for many years. Zoomlion still has a lot of room for development in the future. The Export Import Bank of China has many absolute advantages in supporting foreign trade, overseas acquisitions, cross-border investment and so on, which can help enterprises explore the international market. It is expected that both sides can work together on hydraulic universal testing machines Brief introduction of the differences of electronic universal testing machine. Carry out more and more in-depth cooperation in these areas and continue to maintain a good cooperative relationship

Founded in 1994, the Export Import Bank of China is a national bank directly under the leadership of the State Council and wholly owned by the government. Its international credit rating is consistent with the national sovereign rating. The main responsibilities of the Export Import Bank of China are to provide financial services for expanding the import and export of China's mechanical and electrical products, complete sets of equipment and high-tech products, promote enterprises with comparative advantages to carry out foreign contracted projects and overseas investment, promote the development of foreign business relations and international economic and trade cooperation, and promote Chinese enterprises to go global

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