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On April, the fourth Shenzhen International embedded system exhibition, the largest event in the embedded system industry in China, hosted by the creative age exhibition, was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearly 200 enterprises in the embedded ecosystem participated in the exhibition, presenting the latest embedded technology and intelligent solutions for various industries to the audience. As an enterprise deeply engaged in the field of industrial computers for many years, a series of innovative products of Dingxing technology appeared in this embedded exhibition, attracting the attention of many professional audiences

the series of products displayed by Dingxing technology this time cover embedded boards, industrial machines and network security machines, and their applications cover industries such as industrial control, bank terminals, digital signage, POS, lottery machines, medical treatment, electric power, etc., meeting the personalized needs of customers in pull-out strength industries to the greatest extent

the audience is understanding Dingxing technology products

we continue to push through the old and bring forth the new according to the changes and needs of the market, and strive to provide customers with products that are more in line with their needs. Sunxiaodong, product manager of the industrial control business department of Dingxing technology, said that, for example, the mt200 multi-function notebook we showed this time, based on the Intel Bay trail platform, is highly integrated, lightweight, compact, safe and reliable, and has strong endurance. It meets the functional needs of the financial industry, making outdoor office and marketing a reality. Now it has been widely used in thin customer banking, securities, insurance and other application industries

as the industry pays more attention to network security, security products have also ushered in a period of rapid development, and the network security machine with top star technology leading has also been able to show its skills. Our network security products mainly include 1U, 2U shelf products and desktop products, which are applied to firewall, SSL or IPSec, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, security audit, filtering, security management, etc. Sun Xiaodong said

in addition, innovative technologies and related products such as dash remote management technology scheme and multi screen asynchronous display technology of Dingxing technology are almost the focus of the audience. They stopped to ask, understand and express strong interest. These exclusive leading technologies of Dingxing technology all demonstrate its strong technical strength and lead the development of the entire embedded industry

Dingxing technology product display

compared with the past, the release of new products by customers is speeding up, and we must also keep up with customers. Wang Liang, manager of key account department of Dingxing technology, said

in fact, Dingxing technology, which started as a single board card, has deeply cultivated industry users and created customized products and solutions that meet the needs of the industry, which is an important factor for its successful transformation to a provider of complete machine tear resistance in the industry. Wang Liang pointed out that since the development of the industry, the demand of customers in different sub industries for products has been very different. Customers' demand for industry-specific machines has become increasingly urgent, and the products used are required to be closely combined with the characteristics of the industry. Our advantages of customization, high quality, fast delivery and high-quality service just meet the unique requirements of industry customers

to be the right industry and the right customer is an important market strategy of Dingxing technology. Wang Liang said that lottery, network security and financial all-in-one machines are our central industries, and servers and financial ATMs are also our focus. At the same time, we are also constantly concerned about some emerging metal impact testing machines. Why do they vibrate when loaded? What causes the pointer of the metal impact testing machine to shake? Now please follow me to have a look at the industries, such as the intelligent logistics cabinet in the IOT industry

Wang Liang said that as a leading brand of industrial computers, Dingxing technology has been committed to the R & D and production of industrial computers for many years. With deep foundation and industry experience, combined with the most cutting-edge technology, it can tailor-made exclusive embedded software and hardware solutions for the informatization applications of users in various industries

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