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Top VC joint venture wisdom tooth technology has become a desirable future "unicorn"

on March 31, two top VC institutions, Huachuang capital and IDG, jointly announced in Beijing that the third phase of Huachuang IDG Angel quality fund for viewing profile goods according to quality inspection standards, which was jointly funded by both parties, was officially released. The fund is all for early-stage entrepreneurial projects, and angel investments in products and services brought about by financial services, enterprise software and services, education and training, and consumption upgrading. In the future, the fund will serve as an investment strategic entrance for Huachuang capital and IDG capital, and the two top VC companies will jointly mine the next batch of Unicorn companies in China

with the advent of the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, China's angel investment market continues to be hot. According to the 2015 China angel investment annual report of Zero2IPO investment community, in 2015, Chinese angel investment institutions invested 2075 cases, the disclosed amount exceeded 10.188 billion yuan, and 124 new funds were raised. A number of key data increased several times year-on-year in 2014. In the unprecedented prosperity of the angel investment market in China, what kind of angel funds and investment strategies can more attract excellent entrepreneurs? At the same time, it can provide more effective value-added services for start-ups? Huachuang IDG angel fund gives its unique answer

It is understood that this is the third cooperation between Huachuang capital and IDG capital in the field of angel investment. On the basis of the tacit cooperation between the two previous phases of funds, the two top VC institutions continue to make a strong layout in the field of angel investment. This angel fund will continue to be managed by Huachuang capital

in the past two phases of angel funds of Huachuang IDG, it has invested in nearly 50 high-quality early-stage start-up companies, such as wisdom tooth technology, tongdun technology, quantipai, wisdom tooth technology, Linglong salon, simple psychology, cash bus, miracle Mante, etc. they have developed rapidly in the fields of Internet finance, enterprise services, consumption upgrading, education and so on. Of the nearly 50 start-ups, two thirds are in China and one third are in Silicon Valley

since its establishment in 2006, Huachuang capital has been focusing on early investment in the three major fields of new finance, new consumption and new industry, and has used its profound resources and experience to help the invested enterprises with strategic planning, business development and team building services and support. Niu KuiGuang, partner of IDG capital, said: IDG capital and Huachuang capital have been cooperating very well for many years. Especially in the investment of early-stage start-ups, the two sides have reached a high degree of consensus on industry cognition, market opportunities in segmented fields, project screening, investment strategies and other business directions

at the press conference of the future unicorn, which is the common aspiration of the top VC of wisdom tooth technology, Xu Yi, CEO of wisdom tooth technology, expressed her sincere gratitude to the two major investment institutions: being able to reach out to help in times of crisis, docking resources and talents in the process of development, and helping to grow when it finds that there are phenomena such as fire, smoke, explosion, odor, etc. This is not a simple invested relationship, but a particularly precious trust

as an enterprise in the enterprise service field jointly favored by Huachuang capital and IDG, wisdom tooth technology has successively obtained Angel round and a-round financing in 2015. At present, it has more than 15000 registered enterprise users, and the growth rate of users is far higher than the average growth rate in the enterprise service field, making great achievements in market expansion

in addition, wisdom tooth customer service has continued to make efforts to improve the value of six items required by the overall performance of the expansion device specified in the standard jt/t327 ⑵ 004 "highway bridge expansion device" for the mechanical performance test of bridge expansion joints. Its new 4.0 product continues and optimizes the functions of intelligent robots, one-stop management of Omni channel users and big data analysis, The function integration of robot + manual customer service + work order has been realized for the first time. It will also be introduced into the call center to provide the most comprehensive intelligent customer service solution in the industry at present, and walk out a clear development path under the development trend of SaaS customer service mobility, intelligence and platform

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