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Suggestions on installing new high-efficiency energy-saving devices on vertical atmospheric boilers

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article number: (2000) some suggestion on horizontal atmospheric pressure boiler

recycled with new energy conservation installationpei Jiang Qiang, Wei Xu Shen, Liu Tao, sun Guo Jin ▲ 1 due to the simple structure of vertical atmospheric hot water boilers The advantages of low price (the price is generally between 1000 ~ 3000 yuan), small floor area, convenient installation and use, etc. Therefore, it is widely used in the heating of wealthy farmers' families in urban suburbs, towns and rural areas in the vast three north areas. However, due to its simple structure and the use of raw coal bulk combustion, the boiler efficiency is low (about 30 ~ 40%), which causes pollution to the environment, and the number is huge. It is conservatively estimated that there are at least 300000 units in North China, Northwest China and Northeast China. Therefore, it is necessary to study whether it can maintain the advantages of the original structure of this type of boiler and greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, including refrigerators, televisions and other household appliances, with a small increase in cost, In order to save fuel and reduce environmental pollution. 2 structural characteristics of the new energy-saving device the energy-saving device recommended in this paper has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient installation in the process of boiler manufacturing. Its main structure is to roll and weld a hollow cylinder with steel plate (see Figure 1). The upper and lower surfaces of the cylinder can be made into an arch, and a different number of smoke pipes are installed in the middle. When installing, put the energy-saving device in the furnace, connect the upper part with the top of the furnace liner with 3 ~ 4 water pipes, and the lower part with the surrounding furnace liner with 2 ~ 3 water pipes. Its water enters the energy-saving device from the lower water pipe, leaves the energy-saving device from the upper riser, and uses the gravity difference between high and low temperature water for natural circulation

Wei Xushen (Xinxiang Boiler Inspection Institute, Xinxiang Moco Zhiyan 453003)

Liu Tao (Xinxiang Boiler Inspection Institute, Xinxiang 453003)

SUN Guojin (Xinxiang Boiler Inspection Institute, Xinxiang 453003)

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