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The special topic "Anhui in transformation and development" - the reform of state-owned enterprises

the special topic "Anhui in transformation and development" - the reform of state-owned enterprises

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in the "chessboard" of the provincial economy, state-owned enterprises play a "pillar" role in cultivating and expanding leading industries, providing public services, and giving play to social security functions. In order to make their supporting role stronger, Anhui has promoted the reform of state-owned enterprises with different functions by classification, so as to realize the overall situation of one child

this is Anhui Forklift Group Shanghai Heli forklift Co., Ltd. As early as 2001, it took the lead in completing the reform of property rights diversification among provincial enterprises in the province. Partial replacement of foreign imported products; Meet the functional protection requirements of heat, biochemistry, static electricity, radiation, etc; The performance of high temperature filtration and water filtration products meets the requirements of various utilization fields; Geotechnical materials meet the construction requirements of complex geological environment. So far, it is also the forklift sales company with the largest scale, the most standardized management and the best benefits in the forklift industry in China

Xin Xuesuo is the "shareholder" of Shanghai Heli forklift company. When he came to Shanghai from Hefei, he and the sales company were 100% state-owned. The ineffective system and mechanism not only made them unable to keep up with the pace of the market, but also created a huge gap between product sales and the market

special topic "Anhui in transformation and development" - state owned enterprise reform

special topic "Anhui in transformation and development" - state owned enterprise reform

special topic "Anhui in transformation and development" - state owned enterprise reform

special topic "Anhui in transformation and development" - state owned enterprise reform

Xin Xuesuo, head of Shanghai Heli forklift Co., Ltd.: at that time, the loss of employees was very serious, and everyone's enthusiasm was not high

when all the problems in the sales field point to reform, the first fruit of the Forklift Group's reform falls to the Shanghai company where Xin Xuesuo is located. As the first pilot of mixed ownership reform of the group, Xin Xuesuo and his colleagues paid for 65% of the company's shares, realizing the transformation of both workers and owners. Soon, this once humble company established the first 4S store in the forklift industry in China, and forklift sales increased sharply. With the successful practice, the spark of reform soon formed a prairie fire, and 14 mixed ownership sales companies were born in Forklift Group one after another. Last year, the sales volume of forklift trucks of the enterprise has exceeded 80000, which has entered the forefront of the world

Yang Anguo, vice chairman and general manager of Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd.: the transformation of the system has brought development to the company, incentives to our employees, and more convenient services to customers. I think it is a diversified situation

when the mixed ownership reform of Anhui Forklift Group has achieved fruitful results, Zhengzhou is the first to realize the shareholding system transformation; In 2002, Liu Xiliang and his employees also tasted the sweetness of reform when they rushed into the market in Anhui international trade group. By continuously increasing the shareholding ratio of management and business backbones in its subsidiaries, the group tightly binds the interests of enterprises and employees together. At present, the shareholding ratio of employees of Anhui Light Industry Import and export company where Liu Xiliang and his company are located has exceeded 78%

Liu Xiliang, chairman of Anhui Light Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd.: when the employee stock ownership ratio is expanded, all employees will pay attention to their own interests. Now major investments and major business activities must be certified by the shareholder representatives before voting

Li Minghui, deputy general manager of International Trade Group Holdings Co., Ltd.: compared with the beginning of the group, our operating revenue increased by 1.5 times, our profit increased by 9 times, and our net assets increased by 4 times

reform, one child live and live the overall situation. In the face of the long-term weakness of the coal market, Wanbei Coal and power group, which is located on the Bank of the Huaihe River, broke the situation this year by improving the operating efficiency of state-owned capital and set up its own financial company, which not only revitalized the capital of the enterprise, but also greatly reduced costs and increased benefits

Li Ming, general manager of Wanbei Coal and electricity finance company: for example, our group has one billion yuan and one billion yuan of deposits. Our one billion yuan is in the finance company, which is two points higher than our enterprise deposits. If the subsidiaries of our member units make repayment, we will reduce all kinds of bank loans by 10% and increase the income of the group company by nearly 20 million in the whole year

today, when reforms have been successfully implemented in Anhui state-owned enterprises, giving birth to backbone industries, a number of backbone enterprises such as JAC, Tongling Nonferrous Metals and conch group are also moving forward in expanding enterprise layout and optimizing enterprise structure with the help of the dividends released by the reform. Ding Feng is an important operator of Anhui Conch Group in implementing low-cost expansion. He and his colleagues chose areas rich in limestone resources along the great rivers, and completed 40 to 50 mergers and acquisitions, making the enterprise grow larger and stronger rapidly. Now the group has more than 140 subsidiaries, with an annual clinker processing capacity of more than 100 million tons, ranking first in Asia

Ding Feng, assistant general manager and head of the Development Department of Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd.: reform has played a decisive role. First, it can make us have a pioneering consciousness in ideology. Second, reform can stimulate our vitality in various institutional arrangements. Third, through reform, we can also make our work process more smooth and more in line with the reality of the market

state owned enterprises are the "backbone" of Anhui's economy, and a new round of state-owned enterprise reform is giving new impetus to state-owned enterprises rooted in Anhui. In 2013, the total assets of state-owned and State-controlled Enterprises in Anhui exceeded 2300billion yuan, which is nearly five times the total value of the players of the top 32 teams in this year's Brazil World Cup; The total operating income is 825.1 billion yuan. If calculated according to the standard of Anhui Provincial People's livelihood project investment in 2013, this income can be invested in the construction of the provincial people's livelihood project for 13 years

the reform of provincial enterprises has been carried out continuously and steadily. Actively promote the development of mixed ownership economy through restructuring and listing, employee stock ownership, project cooperation and other ways. At present, the mixed economic assets of provincial enterprises account for nearly 70% (68.38%) of the total assets. Reform measures have boosted the development of provincial enterprises to "strong and excellent". In 2013, Anhui provincial enterprises achieved an operating income of nearly 650billion yuan (646.35 billion yuan), 29 of the 30 provincial enterprises achieved profits, and the total assets at the end of the year exceeded 1trillion yuan (1034.45 billion yuan). This is less than 200 billion of state-owned capital, leveraging more than trillion assets, an increase of 5.38 times

looking at the whole country, the total profit of provincial enterprises ranks third in the country, only lower than that of Shanghai and Beijing, with revenue ranking seventh and total assets ranking eighth; In the central region, the total profit is the top. In 2013, more than 12% of the fiscal revenue of Anhui Province was contributed by provincial enterprises; The income of provincial enterprises accounts for about 34% of the provincial enterprise income, and the added value accounts for more than 1/8 of the added value of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the province. In 2013, the income of 14 provincial enterprises in the province exceeded 10 billion yuan, and that of 5 enterprises exceeded 50 billion yuan

PENG Jianguo, deputy director of the research center of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council: Generally speaking, I feel that under the leadership of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the attitude is positive, the direction is correct, the measures are powerful, and the effect is also good. Judging from the current situation, the reform of state-owned enterprises in Anhui Province has grasped the key points and the key points. In this way, because the state-owned assets are burned out casually, the supervision is effective, and at the same time, our enterprises are revitalized, increasing the vitality of enterprises. In the future, our enterprise will be able to enhance its three forces, control, vitality and influence

eight industrial sectors, including emerging industry, modern service industry, modern transportation infrastructure industry, high-efficiency energy industry, high-quality raw materials industry, advanced manufacturing industry, modern construction industry and modern agriculture, are becoming the bright spots for the development of Anhui state-owned enterprises, especially provincial enterprises. Through the implementation of the "doubling plan", it is expected that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the operating income, total assets and net assets of provincial enterprises are expected to double on the basis of 2010, and the total assets or operating income of six provincial enterprises has crossed the threshold of 100 billion, playing a greater role in accelerating the rise and transformation of Anhui

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