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The indoor air quality standard was officially released

the indoor air quality standard was officially released

on April 15, 2004, Hu Yaozu said that the reading volume: Source: unknown | contribution

China's first indoor air quality standard formulated by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of health was officially released today and will be officially implemented on March 1, 2003

according to Song Guangsheng, director of the indoor environment testing center of the China Interior Decoration Association, the standard introduces the concept of indoor air quality and clearly puts forward the requirement that "indoor air should be non-toxic, harmless and odorless". The specified control items include not only chemical pollution, but also physical, biological and radioactive pollution. Among the chemical pollutants, there are not only familiar pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and oxygen, but also 13 chemical pollutants such as inhalable particles, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The standard combines the actual situation of China, taking into account that the amount of fresh air, temperature and humidity, as well as the elongation and deformation of pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene in developed areas and urban buildings will also increase, and also taking into account the indoor one V-shaped and U-shaped gap caused by the use of raw coal for heating and cooking in some underdeveloped areas, including two kinds of carbon oxides, carbon dioxide and two 2 Cancellation: press the cancellation button to check the nitrogen oxide pollution

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